Business Innovation and the Craft Brewing Industry  

Welcome to ipCapital Group, leaders in Intellectual Property and Business Services consulting. Now we know what you're thinking "What's an IP company have to do with craft brewing?" Well, both nothing and everything. While true that we brew nothing here at ipCG other than good ideas, we are also "industry agnostic", our methods and services have been applied to hundreds of different industries over our 21 year period of being in business. From aircraft to fast food, and surgery to software we've helped over a thousand businesses (many in the Fortune 500) to overcome challenges in their industry.

So why this sudden concentration on craft brewing? A couple of reasons.

First, ipCG as noted above, works in many industries, we dive deeply in to what a company is currently working on, what they have worked on and what they see themselves doing in the future, as such we see early emerging trends that many others miss, but more importantly we see these trends across industries. A simple example might be for instance how we currently see voice assistant technology that is being developed for autonomous cars is finding its way in to the intellectual property of aircraft cockpits, and believe it or not retail shopping carts.

We are beginning to see this "cross pollination" happen in the brewing industry. Specifically with Robot Process Automation (RPA) which is a form of Artificial Intelligence. As such we see an opportunity to help breweries take advantage of emerging trends in this area.

Second, we like craft beer! Many of us here on the staff are involved in hobby brewing in some form or fashion.

Please download a copy of the whitepaper "Business Innovation and the Craft Brewing Industry" located here on this page, and feel free to check out the rest of the ipCG website to learn more about us. We'd love to help you make your brewing efforts, easier, more interesting, and more profitable., so please give a call 802-859-7800 X218 or email Charles Root at

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