Is Telehealth Calling You?  

POSTED BY Robert McDonald AT 9:46 A.M. August 04, 2016

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Recently ipCapital Group conducted an analysis of the
telehealth sector and discovered three interesting things:




There is extensive coverage of this sector by the trade press following "big" healthcare industry trends;

There are many small start-ups and we identified at least 209 different providers of telehealth services; and

Their IP shows a very fragmented pattern with only about 1000 patents issued over the past twenty years.

Two of the most obvious benefits of telemedicine are that it helps reduce "distance" barriers and can significantly impact the management of certain chronic diseases.

Almost daily we are seeing announcements about transactions in this sector. Examples are things like:

All of this suggests to us that as reimbursement grows and technology becomes more enabling we would expect to see very significant consolidation among the 209 current providers. Having over 200 separate providers is simply too inefficient for the market to bear.

Given the very small intellectual property positions that currently exist in telemedicine there is a significant opportunity to use IP to create significant strategic and economic advantage.

If you have strategic questions about the use of intellectual property in telehealth please contact us at

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