What If? 11th Annual ipCG Thought Leadership Conference  

Full PDF of the Conference Here

November 6-8, 2013

What if one of these approaches was your strategy?

The 2013 ipCG Thought Leadership Conference will focus on the rapidly growing importance of IP as a unique and separate asset class and integrates the latest thinking on how to maximize ROI from the use of IP.

The Thought Leadership Conference will examine:

Wednesday, November 6th

3:00-6:00pm                 Registration and Resort Check-In

6:00-7:00pm                 Wine & Vermont Artisan Cheese Reception (Tamarack A&B)

7:00-8:30pm                 Welcome Dinner (Oak / Alder / Sugar Maple / Mountain Birch Rooms)

Thursday, November 7th

7:15-8:45am                 Networking Breakfast

9:00-10:00am                ipAmplification™ to Increase Shareholder Value-
                                     GraphOn/HopTo: A Case Study
                                     Steve Ledger - Speaker
                                     Chairman of the Board, hopTo

                                     John Cronin - Facilitator
                                     Managing Director & Chairman, ipCapital Group

10:00-10:30am              Networking Break

10:30-11:30am            Patents Arrive on the Stagecoach -
                                    Wells Fargo’s Approach to Building an Enterprise Patent Office
                                     Michael Gallagher - Speaker
                                     Head of the Enterprise Patent Office, Wells Fargo

                                     Joe Long - Speaker
                                     Managing Counsel, Wells Fargo

                                     Rob Glance - Speaker
                                     Glance Law Group

                                     Adam Bulakowski - Facilitator
                                     Director, ipCapital Group

11:30-12:30pm              Leveraging Portfolios To Address Changing Business Needs
                                     Steve McGrath - Speaker
                                     Associate General Counsel, Microsoft

                                     Adam Bulakowski - Facilitator

12:30-1:45pm                Networking Lunch

1:45-2:45pm                  You’ve been Hacked - IP Security in the Digital Domain
                                     Kelly Shortridge - Speaker
                                     Investment Banking Analyst in Data Security, Intelligence & Analytics, Teneo

                                     John Cronin - Facilitator 

2:45-3:45pm                  Using IP as an Investment Vehicle
                                     Richard Fields - Speaker
                                     Chairman & CEO, Juridica Capital Management

                                     Pete Conley - Facilitator
                                     COO, ipCreate

3:45-4:10pm                 Networking Break

4:10-5:10pm                  Using IP to Create Strategic Advantage
                                     Marshall Phelps - Speaker
                                     Board Member, ipCreate          

                                     Nancy Cronin - Facilitator
                                     Partner, ipCapital Group

5:10-6:15pm                 Networking Break

6:15-7:15pm                 Cocktail Reception

7:15-8:30pm                 Dinner

Friday, November 8th

7:15-8:45am                 Networking Breakfast

9:00-10:00am               How to Maximize Business Results Using IP To:

                                     John Cronin - Speaker
                                     Managing Director & Chairman, ipCapital Group

                                     Robert McDonald - Facilitator
                                     Managing Director & President, ipCapital Group

10:30-11:00am              Networking Break

11:00-12:30pm              Vermont’s New Patent Abuse Law: Empty Vessel or National Model for Targeting Bad Faith Patent Claims?
                                      Peter Kunin - Speaker
                                     Deputy Managing Partner, Intellectual Property Attorney,
                                     Downs Rachlin Martin
                                     Mr. Kunin was Instrumental in developing the legal approach that is codified in the new Vermont Anti-Patent Troll Law legislation

                                      William Sorrell - Speaker
                                     Attorney General of Vermont

                                     John Cronin - Facilitator

12:30-1:30pm                Closing Luncheon


Specialty Add-on the the Thought Leadership Conference:

Wednesday, November 6, 2013 1PM - 5PM

(Approved for 4 CLE credit hours in Vermont, Georgia, Ohio and Oregon. Washington pending)

“IP Strategy Beyond the Basics”

When considering IP strategy, many people think that just concerns patents. However, it is very important to plan on using the full range of intellectual assets for maximum protection and value creation. This seminar will go deeper into when should you use trade secrets, design patents, defensive publications, trademarks, and brand as well as utility patents. We will discuss how to watch for infringement or misappropriation and the options for enforcing your intellectual property rights.

Questions answered in the seminar include:

  1. When should you develop an IP strategy?
  2. IP strategy through the product life cycle - should it change?
  3. Are design patents worth the effort?
  4. How do you protect trade secrets?
  5. When should you enforce your intellectual property rights?
  6. What options should you consider when intellectual assets outlive their usefulness?

IP strategy - Practical Guide

  1. Why develop an IP strategy?
  2. How to develop an IP strategy?
  3. When to develop the strategy & when to start filing?
  4. How has the America Invents Act changed IP strategy implementation?
  5. IP strategy through product life cycle - should it change?
  6. What actions are necessary to implement IP strategy?
  7. How to conduct meaningful competitive tracking and landscaping?

Asset Classes and when/how do you use them? How do you enforce them?

Portfolio Management, treating your IP as an asset


Specialty Add-on the the Thought Leadership Conference:

Leveraging IP Creation across the Spectrum of Monetization
and an Introduction to ipCreate Inc.

When considering intellectual property (IP) creation, many companies fail to consider how to monetize their IP  or to weigh the full spectrum of monetization options available. Newly launched IP creation, acquisition and development company ipCreate Inc. and related companies ipCapital Group (ipCG) and ipCapital Licensing Company (ipCLC) will team up to lead a roundtable discussion with other industry leaders. Discussions will provide insight into the growing importance of IP creation, the role of IP acquisition, how they relate to each other and to the spectrum of monetization as well as how a Patent Factory can be designed to meet these needs.

ipCreate, ipCLC, ipCG and other roundtable participants will discuss innovative paths to IP creation, such as how to choose innovative areas to explore, how to develop new IP, how to document and obtain valuable patents and how to do this in volume. Participants will consider questions regarding what is the right number of patents to trigger higher value monetization as well as what types of patents are best suited for monetization. Participants will also discuss what IP monetization strategies work best, including sale, licensing, litigation or creation of joint ventures and spin-off companies.

Topics addressed in the seminar include:

  1. How to choose areas to innovate
  2. How to develop new high quality patents at low cost with the spectrum of monetization in mind
  3. How IP creation adds to the monetization spectrum and changes monetization paths
  4. What is the right number of patents and what types of patents drive monetization
  5. IP as the basis for forming a new company
  6. Relationship between IP acquisition and creation
  7. How the current patent landscape (less valuable IP available and America Invents Act) makes IP creation essential

Attendees will include representatives from:

Full PDF of the Conference Here


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