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From consumer, to producer, to creator: A new era of IP development in China and India (2)

In the previous article, we discussed the recent development of the IP environment in China. Newly strengthened protection of intellectual property rights from the Chinese side indicates lower risk, which will likely encourage foreign investors to enter the Chinese market. On the other hand, there are also incentive programs in the US that support companies in IP-intensive industries on research and development. US companies find themselves holding a strong R&D presence in China due to the size of the Chinese market and the overall strategy to integrate local talents into their R&D operations. The High and New Technology Enterprise (HNTE) program and The Technology Advanced Service Enterprise (TASE) program, funded by the US China Business Council, are perfect examples of programs that promote innovation in US enterprises. With a stronger IP management portfolio, a company can prove itself a contender for innovation and qualify for the HNTE or TASE status.

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POSTED BY Yiyi Jin AT 3:39 P.M. August 28, 2018

TAGS: Innovation | Regulation and Legislation | Strategy | China | Yiyi Jin | India

Advantages of Improving Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in India

Traditionally, knowledge was viewed in India as something that is created and put in the public domain. However, this does not fit with the global understanding of strongly protected IPR. Hence, there is a need to show the value of transforming knowledge into IP assets.

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POSTED BY Nagesh Kadaba AT 1:57 P.M. January 25, 2016

TAGS: Innovation | Strategy | India

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