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Innovation and IP Consulting. Achieving business goals.
Our interdisciplinary team of consultants and advisors are focused on maximizing clients’ financial results. We combine our world-class human capital with our proprietary tools and methodologies around innovation, invention, and IP.

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We have delivered over 800 successful IP engagements, including to over 10% of the Fortune 500, across industries.

When actionable innovation and intellectual property (IP) strategies are aligned with your business needs, you can use IP to improve competitive advantage, define operational boundaries, expand and protect brand, generate licensing revenue, gain transaction leverage, and increase shareholder value. How will you use IP to maximize ROI from innovation?

Our engagements and software tools are structured to answer key business questions with solid data and analysis. The results give business, technical, marketing, and legal teams the ability to make sound decisions and obtain meaningful results. We seek to create collaborative partnerships that transfer skills and information to the client team during the engagement.

Customized proprietary services.
Helping early stage to Fortune 500.

ipCG works closely with our clients to identify and solve their business problems related to innovation and IP. We employ our proprietary ipCapital SystemTM methodology, which has been developed over the course of the past two decades, and the strong capabilities and experience of our IP professionals.


We help our clients to develop and grow their intellectual property portfolios. For clients with an existing portfolio, we help them find unrealized value through valuations, licensing and brokerage services.


ipCapital Group can use our experienced, interdisciplinary team of business professionals to help our clients when short term projects arise or a full time hire is not necessary.


Whether looking to file a new patent, bring a new product to market, or to get value from an existing patent portfolio, our high-quality search services are an affordable, no compromise option.


Software solutions for business often require costly subscriptions and tend to be woefully inadequate. Our software services help our clients find the best solution for their needs or build a custom solution if one does not exist.

Innovation and IP Consulting.

Since 1998, ipCapital Group has delivered over 800 successful IP engagements to over 10% of the Fortune 500, in a wide range of industries. Our professional services maximize financial results for clients that seek to develop and execute intellectual property (IP) strategies, strengthen and monetize IP portfolios, and establish and implement Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) practices.

ipCapital Group has an interdisciplinary team trained in business, law, marketing, and product development that provides a systematic and comprehensive view of the full lifecycle of IP, from creation to monetization, management, and retirement.

Innovation and IP Consulting

Maximizing results.

Our interdisciplinary team of consultants and advisors are focused on maximizing clients’ financial results. We combine our world-class human capital with our proprietary tools and methodologies around innovation, invention, and IP.

To best achieve their business objectives, we are flexible in how we partner with clients:

Company News

Use Intellectual Property To Raise Money

Executive Summary If you want to be successful at raising money for your company, then use intellectual property. This paper outlines a strategy you can take, which has been done successfully over several decades, for many companies, in many technologies and business models for all sorts of companies. Take Public Markets, for example. "Among the [...]

Completely Renew and Update Your Business Using IP

In renewing your business, we mean to give it a new life, a new value, and possibly a newly enhanced value. Renewing your business using IP is done by creating and using Intellectual property (IP) such as patents, trade secrets, and enabled publications.


Why Collaboration, Not Litigation, is the Key to Successful Intellectual Property Strategy

Intellectual Property (IP) is often seen as a weapon to be wielded against competitors. Businesses pour resources into securing their patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets with the goal of keeping their competitors at bay. But what if the key to successful IP strategy lies not in litigation, but in collaboration? As an intellectual property […]

How to Prepare Your Business for AI Inventors

  Last Friday, computer scientist Stephen Thaler has asked the US Supreme Court to review an appeals court’s decision that patents can only be issued to human inventors and not to artificial intelligence (AI) systems. Thaler argues that AI-generated patents should be recognised to optimally stimulate innovation and technological progress. This has raised important questions […]

Introducing Seth Cronin as Guest Host of Invent Anything

Exciting news for music and tech enthusiasts! Seth Cronin is the new host of Invent Anything, and he’s kicking things off with a deep dive into the intersection of music and innovation. In the latest episode, Seth explores the ways technology is revolutionizing the music industry. From patentable inventions that change the way musicians create […]