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    Intellectual Property: Management & IP Consulting

    Intelligence Services

    Conduct the necessary research and analysis to inform your actions. Align your business issues with the content and direction of the competitive landscape, and the IP strategy will support your business objectives.

    ipBusiness IssuesSM

    Document the greatest concerns to your business for clarity and consensus.


    Capture your unique business issues in a custom framework for visualizing IP in your space. Read more…


    Strategically target and compile the right set of IP for your business concerns.


    Understand the business impact of IP trends in your space with data-driven insights. Read more…

    ipDimensional Scoring®

    Uncover new revenue and cost savings opportunities through IP strength analytics.

    ipDue DiligenceSM

    Comprehensive analysis of external IP to better understand and inform investment or acquisition decisions.

    Innovation & Invention Programs

    Build a strategic IP portfolio using best-in-class invention creation processes. Harvest, strengthen, invent, and document business-critical IP.

    Innovation requires both strong process and quality data inputs to produce an actionable result. ipCG provides both of these necessary components.

    • Our groundbreaking innovation processes deliver market-relevant, forward innovation concepts in a far shorter time frame compared to traditional R&D and product development cycles.
    • ipCG®’s Patent Factory services rapidly convert ideas from virtualized innovation, or any other source, to a documented, enabled invention concept to file for IP protection.
    • Innovation support is available for varied company functions and sizes of entities, including tech transfer services, and independent inventors via “Napkin to Market.”
    • Other innovation services include the powerful advantages of crowd searching and patent searching via ipCG Innovation Integrator.

    Systematic Innovation Service

    Finding new areas for innovation that can be protected, accelerating technological change and intensifying competition.


    Describe and formally document your inventions in a consistent format, producing a document ready for filing with your preferred patent counsel. Read more…

    Master ipDisclosure®

    Broadens the documentation of inventions; facilitates the documentation of future ideas and related alternatives to the invention. Read more…


    An “Invention Harvesting” session resulting in an inventory of invention concepts for further action. Read more…

    Invention on Demand®

    A targeted brainstorming process resulting in dozens of invention concepts with potential enablement, from which the most strategic concepts can be selected for further development.


    Proven 18-point framework used to guide your technical experts in inventing around key patents.

    Monetization Strategy & Execution

    Assess your company vision, mission and goals against the intelligence gathered, and a suite of IP tactics, to develop a data-driven IP strategy. Following the IP strategy process you come away with an implementation plan of portfolio projects, which may include a balance of process and capability development, IP creation, IP monetization, and intelligence investments.

    Use your IP to create revenue for you. Unlock the value in both strategic IP and non-core IP. ipCG”s IP Monetization Strategy & Execution services plan and execute across a spectrum of monetization paths using all of our tools, methodologies, market experience, and partners, including legal and capital providers.

    • Architect your IP for licensing, Sale, JV, M&A, spin off, or another monetization path. Plan the attack for monetization and execute to realize the value.
    • Effectively find, negotiate and close deals. Triage the portfolio and analyze the IP, generate packages for each technology group, and execute transactions.
    • Effectively quadruple value of your IP. Find the leverage areas for new invention, then rapidly generate and document new IP using ipCapital Patent Factory.
    • Determine what your IP is worth in a license, merger, acquisition, capital raise, or strategic plan.
    • Effectively communicate this value in a compelling story to internal and external stakeholders.


    Get the most from your investment in IP by ensuring it aligns with your business goals.

    ipLicensingSM Strategy

    Design your licensing with the end in mind and create a compelling story for greatest market value.


    Effectively communicate the value of your IP in a compelling story to internal and external stakeholders. Maximize the transaction value of your innovations and IP through effective business communications. Read more…

    ipValue Modelling

    What is your IP worth in a license, merger, acquisition, capital raise, or strategic plan? Read more…

    Management Services

    Develop processes and capabilities inside your organization to align your IP strategy and your business strategy, working closely with clients to develop and embed IP processes and management practices. These processes center around training within your organization, tactics for creating new IP and methods for IP monetization.

    IAM Process Installation

    Develop critical Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) processes to execute your IP strategy. Read more…

    Corporate Education

    Build an engaged innovation and IP workforce that supports company growth.