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    ipSearch ServicesSM
    & AI Enhanced IP Software

    ipCG® offers our clients high quality prior art, patentability, Evidence of Use (EOU), and Freedom to Operate (FTO) searches. When seeking out assistance with search services it is important to note that some of our competitors use subcontractors with limited search transparency. They lack a high quality easily interpreted deliverable. Others are regarded as very expensive and lack experienced leadership. Single proprietors lack the resources of larger firms with dedicated searchers. These competitors all lack the strategic capabilities of ipCapital Group.

    Strategic Services based on Experience

    • Prior Art Search: identify art to invalidate a specific target patent claim;
    • Novelty/Patentability Search: identify art that reads on a specific technical feature of a target device; and
    • FTO search:  identify patent claims that potentially read upon a specific claim or claims of a target patent.

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    A Customized Process with Clear Results

    • Customized searches/personalized client interactions;
    • Led by experienced search professional with direct client contact;
    • Transparent searches with the identity and technical backgrounds of in-house; searchers shared with the client, and available for client communication;
    • A thorough search strategy including keyword searching, screening of highly relevant patent classes and assignee follow-up;
    • Human review/expert analyst review;
    • Clear presentation of search findings at conclusion of project; and
    • Integration with other ipCapital services.

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    AI Enhanced Searching

    • AI supplants bias and is agnostic to technology, looking for trends and correlations that even the experts may not see, allowing for more relevant results, faster.
    • This broader, yet more focused approach using by AI also enhances the likelihood that Prior Art will be discovered in parallel or tangential technology
    • The ability of AI to see past convoluted language and obfuscation is critical to discovering relevant but possibly non-obvious Prior Art in other domains.
    • The use of AI in combination with human searchers allows for a more expansive yet higher quality discussion of prior art exposure. This improves the confidence in risk mitigation relative to FTO Prior Art Searches and strengthens determinations of Novelty.

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