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    Business Advisors

    Building on its legacy of invention and innovation, ipCG® supports client growth with customized strategy & management consulting services.


    Our consulting focus is to help clients grow their businesses, often via innovation and external corporate development initiatives.

    Clients: Operating Companies, Investors, and Research Institutions

    1. Operating companies from venture-backed CleanTech to F500 Industrials to Research Institutions
    • Organic growth & innovation
      • Example engagements:
        • inform investments in (or de-risking of) product development & marketing
        • model new business opportunities, e.g. using underutilized intangible assets
        • achieve commercial wins from intangibles and R&D


    • External corporate development
      • Example engagements:
        • acquire assets
        • monetize intangibles (divest, license, spin-out, etc)
        • form partnerships
        • attract investment
    1. Investment advantage for Corporate Venture, internal M&A teams, Private Equity, Lenders, Hedge funds
    • strategy & execution of buy- and sell-side initiatives
    • diligence for investment opportunities, M&A, asset-based lending, market entry
    • valuation on opaque intangible assets (licenses, brands, software, patents, relationships)

    Most recently, clients across industry sectors have sought ipCG around the macro trend of energy transition, from commercial partnerships to investment

    strategy. Decarbonization-related requests are in the “sweet spot” of the intersection of our current client successes, our personal passion, and future economic uncertainty/opportunity.  While our science and engineering backgrounds provide credibility with clients, our clients primarily look to ipCG advisory in achieving commercial success.

    Our Value Proposition: Flexibility, Senior Involvement, Broad Expertise, Superior ROI

    • Flexibility in Engagement:
      • Mix of fixed price projects, retainers, and success-based transactions.
      • Customized work plans and outputs for specific business needs (working with all budgets).
      • Deliverables focused on commercial milestones, such as:
        • product, service, and business model advancements
        • customer and supplier contracts
        • signed partnerships
        • asset divestments
        • acquisitions
        • fund raising, and so on.
      • Knowledge transfer and capability development through training, scorecards, executive summaries, and financial models.
    • Senior Consultant Involvement:
      • Direct involvement of senior consultants with clients throughout the engagement.
      • Assurance of executive-level presence and availability.
    • Cross-Functional and Cross-Industry Expertise:
      • Over 100 client partnerships across diverse industries, enabling a broad range of insights.
      • Cross-Functional: product innovation & engineering, tech/IP strategy, marketing, B2B sales, partnership negotiations, and M&A.
      • Cross-Industry: Automotive, Chemicals, Energy, Financials, Healthcare, Industrials, Materials, Pharma, TMT.
    • Superior ROI:
      • Consistently delivering high-quality output at a lower cost structure.
      • Recognized by clients for offering a stronger ROI compared to well-known competitors.

    Advisory Team

    Adam J. Bulakowski 

    Managing Director

    20+ years in Innovation and Growth-based Management Consulting

    Product development, engineering, operations at two F500 industrials 


    Charles Grace

    Senior Consultant

    30 years in driving revenue growth through marketing

    Broad international experience including EU




    Dave Herring

    Senior Consultant

    Over 22 years’ legal and business experience in licensing and corporate/IP strategy





    Bruce Story - ipCG

    Bruce Story

    Senior Consultant

    Over 30 years at Dow Chemical, including Senior Director, Intellectual Capital Management

    Senior Consultant

    Over 30 years at Dow Chemical, incl Senior Director, Intellectual Capital Management