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    Business Services

    ipCG provides active support in managing a wide range of strategic and operational initiatives.  We take a broad view of a company’s intangible assets, extending beyond formal IP like patents and trade secrets.  Our management consulting also considers investment return on other intangible assets, including in-process R&D, data, supply chain relationships, software and firmware, and brands.

    Corporate development (transactions)

    • Support buy- or sell-side of technology assets, licensing, and joint venture
    • Development & Execution of Transaction Plan through term sheet
    • Negotiations planning & execution
    • Management of Transaction through close, including Definitive Agreement(s) with counsel

    Innovation management

    • Expert review for Organizational structure, Process Gap Analysis & Re-engineering
    • Commercialization support, including consideration of technical and brand IP strategies
    • On-demand IP management support including Trade Secret Program Management, IP Budgeting & Fee review, Coordination with IP counsel.
    • Collaboration with the Law and/or Tax Department(s) on IP risk & valuation analysis

    Corporate Finances

    We have combined experience of over 50 years in various roles with a focus on finding the best practices for efficient and accurate reporting. ipCapital Finance’s Group provides the best foundation for all accounting, human resources and finance areas serving various client types in multiple industries.