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Do More With Less:

It is quite common to hear from companies that they are being asked to do “more with less.” And in the current economic environment, budgets are allocated sparingly. Hiring a new team member is unlikely if expenses are being tightly controlled. How can a company move their initiatives forward in that environment?

Having intermittent and on-demand support for both intellectual property matters, and/or other business management matters becomes a very attractive option for companies that cannot afford to allocate a full headcount to those needs.

Outside support can be tailored to the unique business need, and the company derives high value from experienced personnel and a third-party viewpoint.

ipCG provides active support in managing a wide range of strategic and operational IP initiatives.  Examples include:

  • Innovation and/or IP management
    • On-demand IP management support including Trade Secret Program Management, IP Budgeting & Fee review, Coordination with IP counsel.
    • Expert review for Process Gap Analysis & Re-engineering
    • Collaboration with the Law and/or Tax Department(s) on IP risk & valuation analysis
  • Corporate development on buy- or sell-side of technology assets
    • Development & Execution of Transaction Plan through term sheet, including negotiations
    • Management of Transaction through close, including Definitive Agreement(s) with counsel
  • Innovation and IP process development, installation, and ongoing management
    • Employee training and orientation on IP matters
    • Innovation workflow creation and management
    • Integration of innovation and IP process with existing company processes
    • Metrics, scorecards, and rewards systems

More Brain Power Without Expanding Headcount:

Your company may currently be very cautious and is not willing to add new headcount to execute on short-term projects; however, there is a management requirement to progress on them. Or your team may have taken on too many projects, and is unable to handle them all at once. Furthermore, the complexity of your business issues may benefit from the perspective of an outsider, who can draw on experience from other projects and scenarios. Your company may be encountering an obstacle for the first time, and seek guidance on the best practices for navigating the uncertain IP terrain.

Leverage IP Expertise:

  • Provides a ready source of experienced Business and IP personnel without the burden and obligations associated with hiring, onboarding, training, and termination (note our work plans are based on estimated days of reserved ipCG support per month)
  • Ensures that strategic and operational action items are executed in a timely and skillful manner leveraging ipCG’s expertise and best practices
  • Delivers a collaborative and cost-effective approach to address business needs & improve enterprise value
  • Routine and as-needed access to expert opinions with the benefit of an independent viewpoint