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Understanding your IP space:

It is often difficult to understand how your IP stacks up against your competitors. In some instances, it maybe beneficial to know where you stand versus your customer and even supplier.  But analyzing IP is a difficult task even with the best tools on the market. One can run some basic analysis, such as filing trends, assignee analysis, class code analysis, jurisdictional analysis, and family analysis.  These metrics and analysis are nice high-level view of the technology and space you’re in but it’s difficult to draw any meaningful insights. 

Specifically, its very difficult to draw actional insights or develop a strategy around a class code analysis as the class codes of patents often don’t represent your business of your specific technology or product/service.

There needs to be a way and method to gain strategic insights from IP data.

Data-driven IP strategy:

Have you ever looked at your IP portfolio or looked at the IP of your competitors and wondered, where do we stand compared to them?  Maybe you are looking to for whitespace to innovate but don’t know where that whitespace is.

Anyone can benefit from a strategic analysis customized to your business, technology or industry no matter how many patents your have.  Even with no patents, the analysis can help any company shape a data-driven strategy and help mitigate risk.

Reveal business-critical insights from patent data:

The ipAnalytics develops an analysis that is relevant, accurate, strategic aligned with your IP business issues. The analysis will provide a strategic view of the IP data and when combined with the ipLandscape provides a powerful tool as it will identify trends across the ipLandscape. This is key, because trends across the ipLandscape are specific to your business and provide actionable strategic insights.

Because the analytics is customized to you by leveraging the ipLandscape. IP data is reviewed to ensure relevant data and mapped to the customized landscape categories.  The custom data provides valuable insights into whitespace for innovating, identifies strength, weaknesses and risks. It can also identify potential partnerships or monetization opportunities. Finally, it can reveal key insights into your competitors IP strategy.

Overall, the ipAnalytics when done right provides inputs for a data-driven strategy.