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Problem this service resolves:

Coming up with a novel and useful idea is hard. Securing good patent claims to protect your intellectual property rights can be a long, winding, and expensive road. Experienced patent counsel is invaluable in securing those claims. However, they are limited by the depth and breadth of the information they get from you. Compiling all of this information is a task that is both time-consuming and expensive in terms of internal resources and legal fees. How do you get the best possible protection for your ideas without taking valuable resources away from growing your business?

Ideal client which would benefit:

Start-up companies built around a novel idea have enormous opportunity to change or disrupt a market, and reap the rewards, but are also vulnerable to copycats. Without proper IP protection, there is little a company can do to protect themselves from this. Companies at this stage can protect their position in their market, as well as make themselves more attractive M&A targets. 

Larger, more established companies need to make sure they continue to protect themselves as their products and services continue to evolve. These evolutions often involve potentially valuable intellectual property. The time of your engineers and product development team is extremely valuable, and their busy schedules often prevent them from being able to provide patent counsel with the level of relevant detail and enablement they need to secure the most valuable claims around the concept.

Companies that need to develop their patent portfolios efficiently but cannot spare their inventors’ valuable time developing the concept and capturing all the possible future permutations of their original idea.

Many companies of all sizes have very little experience with the patent process and may be hesitant to commit resources without knowing what sort of results to expect. Ideally, these companies need a trusted advisor who not only understands the complexity of the patent process but has a proven track record of getting a high percentage of business-critical patents granted.

 Attainable goals from this service:

The ipDisclosure was designed to provide patent counsel with a depth of background and enablement to use in a patent application that goes far beyond what can be produced with your internal resources and allows them to secure the broadest possible claims to protect your ideas.  The value of trusted patent counsel in securing good claims to protect your ideas cannot be understated. However, lawyers are not typically inventors, and having inventors dedicated to enabling your inventions, capturing additional embodiments, and identifying potential new applications of your ideas, is the fastest way to develop a valuable portfolio.  Our ipDisclosure process allows our talented inventors, with hundreds of patents to their names, to provide your counsel with all the tools they need to protect your ideas, with only a brief inventor interview with your team.  Saving you valuable time and resources that can be devoted to your business.

We also utilize a process called our Master Disclosure.  With this tool we are able to take your initial inventions and quickly build robust disclosures for numerous permutations and applications of your ideas. This process creates a robust background of your invention to build upon and provides your counsel with numerous filing and claim building options to protect your ideas. Moreover, the Master Disclosure provides a systematic method of filing patents that cover your entire business and value chain. It allows each unique idea to draw from a deep well of technology subject matter, providing endless opportunity for continuations and large patent families.

Our ipDisclosure is an excellent complement to our ipScan, ipNavigation and Invention on Demand services, that enable our team to extract ideas from your team efficiently and create new concepts that can help grow your business. Contact us today to learn how our ipDisclosure can help you protect your ideas.