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Problem this service resolves:

The number of active patents continues to grow, and it is often hard to know where you stand in the sea of IP.  You are often left asking yourself, do my patents cover my product/services or technology? Where do I stand in relation to my competitors? What are my competitors doing with IP? Where can I invent, or should I be inventing? And the list goes on…

So how do you sort through all these patents and make any sense of it. Now patents are categorized using classification codes, but these classifications are often broad and not designed for the purpose detail categorization and analysis. 

The ipLandscape is not some heat map that is generated by some black box software with what seems to be random peaks and valleys or color coated boxes.

There must be a better way to understand the IP in your space.

Ideal client which would benefit:

The ipLandscape is an ideal tool for all size businesses. Start-up and early stage companies may want to know where they stand from an IP perspective as they enter the market. The ipLandscape is an ideal for IP competitive intelligence. Or maybe you want an easy way for your investors and potential investors to understand how your IP relates your business. The ipLandscape is perfect for all of this because it is a customize graphic that represents your business or technology. A person without much IP background can very easily see and understand your business and see where the IP is.

Furthermore, the ipLandscape can help facilitate an IP strategy for your company or ever become a key tool or roadmap for innovation, R&D, and IP development.

Attainable goals from this service:

The ipLandscape was design to be a business-oriented framework or more specifically a custom graphic that allows you to visualize your IP business issues, your business, technology, product/service, and/or value chain. The framework or graphic is then used for extracting, mapping, and analyzing IP including your current, potential and competitors IP. A well designed ipLandscape organizes and visualizes the IP “space” around your business, helping you understand if your IP truly supports your business goals.

Specifically, when done right the ipLandscape is an effective tool to:

  • Analyze relevant competitive IP
  • Facilitate IP strategy development
  • Make more informed IP decisions
  • Tailor your innovations
  • Guide your inventors or R&D
  • Enhance IP documentation
  • Communicate the value of your current and potential IP to internal and External stakeholders

ipLandscape can become the foundation to many of your strategic IP initiatives especially when combined with ipBusiness Issue and ipAnalytics.