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Problem this service resolves:

Many of the most valuable ideas never get patent protection. Much of the innovative know-how inside a team of engineers never becomes a codified trade secret. How can this be? It is usually not because of any slow bureaucratic procedure or because of difficult paperwork needed to navigate a submission process. Instead, these valuable inventions often languish in obscurity because they are never written down.

All amazing ideas begin inside the minds of companies’ inventors. The problem is, if the idea remains inside their heads for too long, it may never get out. The day to day routines and tasks that are urgent – but rarely important – push those ideas further back into the recesses of an inventor’s mind until, eventually, they are lost forever.

The most important information we encounter must benefit from structured documentation. Can you imagine filing taxes if you had to recall each fact and figure from memory? Yet, many companies treat their most insightful inventors this way, expecting the best ideas to escape from their minds, out of their mouths or on to the page, at precisely the right time.

There has to a better way.

Ideal client which would benefit: 

Perhaps you are an inventor, yourself. You built a company based on an initial spark of inspiration, which lead you to develop a product or service that solves real needs for your customers. As your company grew, you found that more and more of your time was taken up by administrative tasks, “putting out fires” by responding to the most immediate emergencies, and planning for the next fiscal quarter. Soon, you have noticed those creative inventions that you built your business around are starting to become more and more scarce. It is not that you are any less creative, rather, your attention space is occupied by all these pressing needs to maintain the status quo, it is almost impossible to make room to explore those creative avenues which began your journey.

Or maybe you work with a team of creative engineers who seem to constantly have novel ideas. You might overhear them talk about how to improve existing processes for higher quality results, create greater efficiency or monitor important metrics, or even develop a game-changing new approach that could shake up your entire industry. However, as the weeks, months, and years pass, you struggle to recall when any of these ideas actually came to fruition. Where are all these good ideas going? How do you get them all in to one place so you can act on them?

Attainable goals from this service:

The ipScan was designed to remove the barriers that stand between you and your inventions. The same way you might scan an important paper document to obtain a digital copy, ipCapital has used a technology agnostic methodology for more than two decades to create a digital record of all the inventions that may be stuck in your head and in the heads of your teammates. The ipScan includes highly interactive discussions facilitated by experienced inventors, to create the intentional, focused space where inventions can finally take root and begin to thrive. Imagine going through every area of your business with a fresh perspective, with a team that can draw on experiences with hundreds of other companies in dozens of other industries, to tease out each and every creative innovation that has been waiting for the right opportunity to make itself known. Then, a few days after having a natural conversation with a team of people excited to learn about your businesses most creative ideas, you open your email to find a structured documentation of every single invention you and your team have ever considered – even just in passing. Each invention is clearly articulated, categorized by business line, sorted for priority, and designated as a potential invention, trade secret, or enabled publication. That record is your ipScan, a digital representation of all the potential intellectual property you and your team have contemplated – all in one place.

The ipScan is even more powerful when it is combined with the ipLandscape, Patent Drafting, or Trade Secret registry. Contact us today to learn how you can use the ipScan to take full advantage of the creative potential inside your business.