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Finding the needle in a haystack:

In order to make informed decisions about IP and business strategy, companies need someone to reliably search through patents and/or non-patent literature in a cost-effective manner to identify relevant references.  Moreover, these references need to be delivered to stakeholders in a manner that is quickly and easily understood.  The same need exists for several types of information:

    Patentability – quickly identify if your idea is novel by searching through patents and non-patent literature for the key aspects of your idea have been identified in someone else’s patent, product, or literature article

    Prior art – identify key aspect of a patent that you are seeking to invalidate by finding public disclosure of key aspect in a patent or article published before the patent was granted.

    Freedom to operate – identify all valid patents which claim key aspects of your product from a technical perspective so that your lawyer can write a legal opinion to distinguish your product from infringing on other patents.

    Evidence of use – identify products on the market that use key aspects of your patent and are potentially infringing on your patent from a technical perspective. 

Each of these types of searches can synergistically enhance your IP strategy.

Who needs an ipSearch?

Search services suited for inventors, technical, business and legal personnel at corporations, external counsel.  Anyone who wants high quality, easily interpreted search results to use in their work products.

High quality IP intelligence

Provides a high-quality data set that can be used for many applications including business intelligence, strategy and legal opinions.

ipCG offers our clients high quality prior art, patentability and FTO searches. 

ipCG offers our clients high quality prior art, patentability and FTO searches. When seeking out assistance with search services it is important to note that some of our competitors use subcontractors with limited search transparency. They lack a high quality easily interpreted deliverable. Others are regarded as very expensive and lack experienced leadership. Single proprietors lack the resources of larger firms with dedicated searchers. These competitors all lack the strategic capabilities of ipCapital Group.

Strategic Services based on Experience

  • Prior Art Search: identify art to invalidate a specific target patent claim;
  • Novelty/Patentability Search: identify art that reads on a specific technical feature of a target device; and
  • FTO search:  identify patent claims that potentially read upon a specific claim or claims of a target patent.

A Customized Process with Clear Results

  • Customized searches/personalized client interactions;
  • Led by experienced search professional with direct client contact;
  • Transparent searches with the identity and technical backgrounds of in-house; searchers shared with the client, and available for client communication;
  • A thorough search strategy including keyword searching, screening of highly relevant patent classes and assignee follow-up;
  • Human review/expert analyst review;
  • Clear presentation of search findings at conclusion of project; and
  • Integration with other ipCapital services.