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    Jeff Goodwin


    Jeff has a B.S. in Information Systems, MBA from University of New Hampshire, and a background in Computer Science.


    Jeff Goodwin is a Manager at ipCapital Group.  Jeff has advised a wide variety of clients in IP competitive analysis, IP strategy and IP development.  Jeff has worked with clients across many different industries including software solution, utilities, residential building materials, Internet of Things (IoT) and telecommunications.

    Prior to ipCG, Jeff spent over 3 years implementing data capture systems and databases for clinical trials. Jeff also has experience in Complex Event Processing (CEP) solutions and database administration/ management.  Jeff has a B.S. in Information Systems, a MBA from University of New Hampshire, and a background in Computer Science.  In addition, upon joining ipCG Jeff has gained several years of technical leadership experience while working directly with key partners.


    How the Defend Trade Secrets Act Impacts your IP Strategy

    POSTED BY Bill Petrow and Jeff Goodwin AT 12:51 P.M. May 13, 2016 The Defend Trade Secrets Act (DTSA) of 2016 was signed into law on May 11th, adding national and international protection for trade secrets to the already-existing state-level laws, which are allowed to remain in place according to the new federal statute. Generally speaking, the DTSA provides […]

    5 Reasons to Add Design Patents to your IP Portfolio

    POSTED BY Justin Kunz AT 1:05 P.M. June 30, 2015 From smartphones to yoga clothing, sinks to software icons, design patents are the trending asset in intellectual property (IP) circles. Investments in design patents, which protect an article’s look or ornamental design, have been steadily increasing over time (see Fig. 1). Based on recent trends, we expect […]