Explore How Prototypes And AI Are Transforming The Patent Process | Invent Anything – Episode 49

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In this episode, John Cronin explains the symbiotic relationship between patents and prototypes. Learn how prototyping can enhance your intellectual property (IP) and vice versa. Discover the advancements in prototyping technology, from AI integration to 3D printing, making the process faster, cheaper, and more effective.

Key topics covered include:

  1. The importance of prototypes in IP enhancement
  2. Differences between product prototypes and IP prototypes
  3. Managing the global landscape of rapid prototyping
  4. Utilizing AI and data analytics in the prototyping process
  5. The future of virtualized prototypes and predictive design

Whether you’re an inventor looking to market your idea, a patent attorney seeking new insights, or simply curious about the future of prototyping, this episode offers valuable information and practical tips.