“AI in IP” Webinar Series: How To Leverage IP in Prior Art Search with Stephanie Curcio

Join us on Wednesday, March 10th at 2 pm eastern for our fifth installment of the “AI in IP” webinar series. As the volume and complexity of patents increases, manual review becomes much more challenging. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming a necessary component in any effective prior art search strategy. But how does AI work in the patent context and what can current tools do for your practice?  Stephanie Curcio, IP attorney and co-founder of Legalicity (makers of NLPatent), will explain how AI can be used to improve prior art search in the information age. Key benefits of introducing AI into the prior art search process will be discussed, as well as what the future may hold in this area as AI continues to evolve.

Registration is free; you can sign up here.