Introducing Seth Cronin as Guest Host of Invent Anything

Exciting news for music and tech enthusiasts! Seth Cronin is the new host of Invent Anything, and he’s kicking things off with a deep dive into the intersection of music and innovation.

In the latest episode, Seth explores the ways technology is revolutionizing the music industry. From patentable inventions that change the way musicians create and perform music to new recording processes and performance experiences, there’s a lot to cover.

In the episode, you’ll learn about the latest breakthroughs in the industry, such as holographs, immersive devices, and reactive lighting. You’ll also hear about the impact of streaming services on the way we discover new music and the future of music technology.

Seth even touches on some controversial topics, including major patent lawsuits and the role of Copyright in the future of the music industry. If you’re a music lover or a tech enthusiast, this episode is a must-listen. Tune in now to learn about the exciting innovations shaping the future of music.