The Critical Pivot: Futureproofing IP in the IoT

In the IoT space, complacency isn’t just folly—it’s corporate suicide.

Tech Lifecycles and IP Longevity: The Discrepancy

We’re in an era where your first-gen IoT devices are akin to dinosaurs. I was an early adopter in the smart home space but you know what? My first-gen Philips Hue bulbs are no longer supported by the company, and even though the bulbs themselves will last for decades, the software to support them is non-existent A cautionary tale. They’re history—not because they failed at their job, but because their supporting tech became extinct. This isn’t a bulb problem. It’s an IP foresight problem. There’s a huge opportunity here for inventions that keep physical home and office infrastructure relevant for the whole lifecycle of the object, as opposed to the planned obsolescence common in today’s tech gadgets.

Smart Tech IP: Diversify or Die

Let’s get real. Your smart home IP needs to evolve into smart city IP. If you’re playing in the IoT space and your IP is as stationary as a park bench, you’re already behind. Smart cities are the playgrounds of the future, and your tech needs to scale up. It’s about leveraging your IP at every conceivable level—product, platform, and beyond.

Industrial IoT: The Untamed Frontier

Industrial IoT isn’t just another vertical; it’s the vertical. Here, IP isn’t just about protection—it’s about domination. If you’re crafting inventions that apply to whole platforms rather than niche products, you’re on the right track. Think big, deploy broadly.

Mixed Reality: The New Dimension of IoT

Enter mixed reality. It’s not a trend. It’s the next reality of IoT. This tech can morph a user’s environment without the need for additional physical devices. It’s an untapped vein of IP gold. If your strategy isn’t considering mixed reality integrations, you’re leaving money on the table.

The Non-Negotiable Call to Futureproof the IoT

To every tech CEO out there: Wake up. The IoT landscape isn’t waiting for you. It’s charging ahead, and your IP strategy needs to be on the frontlines.

You need a holistic IP strategy that’s as dynamic as the market you’re trying to capture. One that anticipates the next wave of tech like mixed reality, not one that’s gasping to keep up with the last one.

Inventors, listen up. Your smart lightbulb isn’t just a bulb. It’s a gateway to an interconnected universe. Your IP has to cover that expanse. Your patents should be the seeds from which forests grow, not lone trees in a barren landscape.

Now is the time for action. The market doesn’t do patience, and frankly, neither should you.

Contact ipCapital Group today. Don’t just futureproof your IP strategy. Make it the weapon you wield to carve out your empire in the IoT market.

Because in the end, it’s not just about surviving the rush. It’s about owning it.