The Green Rush: Why Sustainability Patents Are the Next Big Thing

As the world moves towards sustainable practices, there’s a growing interest in green technology. The recent boom in innovation and investment in this field has made it clear that green technology patents are becoming increasingly valuable. Building a strategic IP portfolio with green tech patents can provide companies with a competitive edge, enabling them to stand out in the market.

Major Areas for Patents in Green Tech

Here are some major tech areas for sustainability patents:

  1. Renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar, and geothermal energy.
  2. Energy storage technologies, including batteries and supercapacitors.
  3. Smart grid technologies that enable more efficient energy distribution and management.
  4. Carbon capture and storage technologies that reduce carbon emissions from fossil fuels.
  5. Sustainable transportation technologies, including electric vehicles and alternative fuels.
  6. Water conservation and management technologies, such as desalination and water filtration.
  7. Green building technologies that improve energy efficiency and reduce waste.
  8. Sustainable agriculture and food production technologies, including vertical farming and precision agriculture.
  9. Waste management and recycling technologies that reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills.
  10. Sustainable materials and manufacturing technologies that reduce the environmental impact of industrial processes.

Types of Green Tech Patents that will be Valuable

In the context of green technology, patents that cover novel and innovative solutions to problems faced by the industry will be highly valuable. For example, patents that enable more efficient energy production or storage, or that improve the performance of renewable energy technologies, are likely to be highly sought after. Additionally, patents that cover key enabling technologies such as advanced materials or software algorithms that drive sustainability and energy efficiency will also be highly valuable. Companies that build strategic IP portfolios with these types of patents can gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace and attract investment and partnerships from industry players looking to innovate in the green tech space.

Major Green Tech IP events

Surge in clean energy patents at EPO

The European Patent Office (EPO) reported an “astonishing” surge in clean energy and battery patents in 2022, highlighting the importance of green technology.

USPTO Green Energy Award

Meanwhile, the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) announced a special category of its Patents for Humanity Program for green energy inventions, showing that this sector is attracting attention from innovators and governments alike.

Siemens Gamesa Patents Pay Off

The legal battle between Siemens Gamesa and General Electric over patent infringement involving GE’s Haliade-X turbines also highlights the value of green technology patents. Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy won the case, with the judge ruling that Siemens’ technology was a “key element” in the turbines’ functionality. This case is a reminder that green tech patents can be a critical component of a company’s IP portfolio, and failing to protect them can lead to costly legal battles.

Green Tech IP Strategy

Creating a strategic portfolio with green tech patents can be challenging, but companies can get help from ipCapital Group. We’re a leading IP strategy consulting firm that helps companies build and manage their IP portfolios. With our expertise, companies can navigate the complex patent landscape and identify the most valuable patents to secure and monetize.

The increasing importance of sustainability and green technology makes green tech patents extremely valuable. Companies that want to create a large strategic portfolio in this space should consider seeking the help of experts like ipCapital Group to navigate the complex patent landscape and identify the most valuable patents.