Business Innovation and the Craft Brewing Industry

Business Innovation and the Craft Brewing Industry - ipCG - Innovation and IP Consulting

Charles Root is the author of “Business Innovation and the Craft Brewing Industry“. ipCG is beginning to see a “cross pollination” happen in the brewing industry. Specifically with Robot Process Automation (RPA) which is a form of Artificial Intelligence. As such we see an opportunity to help breweries take advantage of emerging trends in this area. Beer production, whether you’re making five gallons or 50,000 barrels, comes down to one important thing: making a great tasting beverage. To do this, you need as much concentration on the art of the brew and solid understanding of the science as you can provide to your craft. If you can use innovation, either your own or someone else’s, to give you the time you need to perfect that art and science, and thus be competitive in an ever-shrinking market share, then you need to do so.