Creating Real Value for Your Company through the Rapid Development of Strategic IP

The whitepaper co-authored by John Cronin and Seth Cronin explores the value that companies can create in the market and for shareholders by developing strategic IP (patents and trade secrets) at a rapid pace. Read the full whitepaper here.

In order to challenge you as an executive or an investor of a small or early stage company looking to leverage your value to (1) raise money, (2) be acquired, (3) enhance your market value, or (4) increase revenue, we will discuss how to create real value (for investors, the stock market, M&A, or monetization) for your company through the rapid development of a strategic intellectual property portfolio. For more than twenty-one years, we have helped hundreds of small and early stage companies create real value, and we have benchmarked the rapid development of a strategic intellectual property portfolio to demonstrate significant value. Interestingly, over this time, we have seen few executives or investors who understand this, and worse, many do not believe it is possible to create real value using intellectual property (IP).