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    John Cronin

     Chairman and CEO  (802) 859-7800 jcronin@ipcg.com


    John Cronin is Chairman and CEO of ipCapital Group, Inc. (“ipCG”), an intellectual property consulting firm. Mr. Cronin founded ipCG in 1998.


    ipCG is noted as being the first IP Strategy consulting firm globally. ipCG is the most recognized IP strategy consulting team globally, boasting over 45 different services.


    Capitalizing on a lifelong study of creative and inventive thinking processes, business strategy development, and transaction negotiations, Mr. Cronin has created a unique consulting ipCapital Methodology™. This Methodology includes robust data-driven IP Strategy processes, which lead to a complete Intellectual Asset Management program (IAM) with many of the services and tools backed up by AI and ML. The ipCapital Methodology provides ipCG clients with unique IP Creation Services for invention extraction, creation, and documentation, along with world-class IP Valuation, licensing, and transaction processes. The ipCapital Methodology allows extraction and documentation of inventions, identifying opportunity and risk, driving transactions to completion, and creating significant market value from IP.


    Mr. Cronin and ipCG have worked with over 1,500 companies and approximately 15% of the Fortune 500 companies, hundreds of mid-size companies, and hundreds of startups and governmental laboratories. Over the years, Mr. Cronin has become a respected thought leader among executives who wish to align business issues with IP and translate strategies into actionable financial results. Mr. Cronin has inspired and trained thousands of engineers and scientists in the best practices of “how to invent.”


    Mr. Cronin has authored over 1000 patents and applications across hundreds of technology spaces, leveraging the ipCapital Methodology.


    Before forming ipCG, Mr. Cronin spent over 17 years at IBM and became its top inventor with over 100 patents and 150 patent publications. He created and ran the IBM Patent Factory, which was essential in helping IBM become number one in US patents and led the team that contributed to the startup and success of IBM’s licensing program. Mr. Cronin is also the Chair of the Board of Directors of AdrenalineIP and a Board member of IX-Innovations.


    As host of the podcast “Invent Anything with John Cronin” (Invent Anything™ Podcast – ipCG | Innovation and IP Consulting), Mr. Cronin shares decades of experience using creativity tools for invention, applying for and receiving patent protection, and using intellectual property strategy to generate business value.


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    AI Enters the IAM and IP Space as an App Store? You’re Kidding!

    John Cronin, Managing Director and Chairman is the author of “AI Enters the IAM and IP Space as an App Store? You’re Kidding!“. Intro: Artificial Intelligence (AI) goes back to the 1950’s, as defined by Minsky & McCarthy, to be “any task performed by a program or a machine that, if a human carried out the same activity, we would say the human had to apply intelligence to accomplish the task”. This being the case, a lot has happened in almost 70 years since that statement. The history of AI can be easily researched; however, a reasonable definition can also be extracted from examples of how AI is being used and what AI is being used for. More >>

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